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  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Smile makeover
  • Crown and bridge
  • Full mouth reconstruction
  • Dentures
  • TMD treatment

Implant Dentistry

  • Replacing single tooth
  • Replacing several teeth
  • Replacing all of your teeth
  • Conventional implant placement
  • Bone graft(Ridge modification)
  • Sinus augmentation
  • Retreatment of failed implant
  • Atraumatic implant removal
    and concomitant placement

Periodontal Surgery

  • Osseous surgery
  • Clinical Crown lengthening procedure
  • Periodontal regeneration surgery
  • Periodontal plastic surgery

Endodontic Treatment

  • Routine root canal treatment
  • Retreatment of failed root canal treatment
  • Apicoectomy
  • Non-vital bleaching procedure

General Dentistry

  • Cosmetic composite filling
  • Deep cleaning
  • Chairside whitening procedure
  • Wisdom teeth extraction

Oral Radiology

  • 3D Cone beam CT scan
    (computerized tomography)
  • Panoramic X-ray
  • Intra oral digital X-ray

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.



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